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Most of us have tried to imagine the loss of one of our major senses – hearing, speech or vision – and it is always a disconcerting possibility.  At CASEY OPTICAL COMPANY, we know how important your eyes are to your understanding of the world, and how important your eyes are to someone else’s understanding of you.  When we interact with others, we listen to what they say, and we also look at that person’s eyes when they speak to us. Consciously or unconsciously, we are exchanging information with our eyes.

Good eye care is vital to our general health and, therefore, to our happiness and well-being.  An annual eye exam can detect not only normal changes in vision, but a good eye doctor can use her skill and her instinct to make an early diagnosis of some fairly serious conditions of the eye.  As is the case with any other medical problems, early detection is the key to successful treatment.

At CASEY OPTICAL COMPANY, we also know that times have changed!  We call it “looking as good as you see.”  Eye glasses aren’t just a treatment option anymore.  They are a fashion statement, an accessory that makes us look good.  And when we look good, we feel good.  We have a great selection of frames to fit any budget, from the most cost-conscious to couture.  And we sell the highest quality lenses – light, thin, high-definition and beautiful.

So, welcome to CASEY OPTICAL COMPANY.  Dr. Christine Kniffen and her staff will do everything we can to make your experience what you should expect from a visit to your eye doctor – comfortable, caring and, maybe, even fun!

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