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LASIK Consultation & Co-Management

Are you considering LASIK surgery to achieve clearer vision and reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses? At Casey Optical Co., we provide LASIK surgery co-management services.  

LASIK Surgery  

Refractive eye surgery is a type of surgical procedure used to correct vision problems. People typically undergo this type of surgery when they want to reduce or eliminate their need for eyeglasses or contact lenses 

There are several types of refractive eye surgeries, but the most well-known is LASIK surgery. LASIK eye surgery is an effective treatment option for refractive eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  

LASIK surgery is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. During the surgery, a computer-controlled laser and a small blade are used to reshape the cornea. There are usually no side effects associated with this quick procedure, and patients experience only mild discomfort.   

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What is LASIK Surgery Co-Management?  

LASIK co-management is a partnership between your optometrist and a LASIK surgeon. In this arrangement, Dr. Kniffen provides pre-operative and post-operative care while the surgeon performs the actual LASIK procedure. 

Dr. Kniffen will initially examine your eyes to assess your candidacy for LASIK surgery. If Dr. Kniffen decides that you may be a good candidate for the procedure, she will refer you to a reputable LASIK surgeon. The surgeon will perform further evaluations, provide a more detailed consultation about the procedure, and perform surgery if you are found to be a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

    What happens after LASIK surgery?   

    At Casey Optical Co., we understand that a successful LASIK or refractive eye surgery procedure doesn’t end with the surgery itself. That’s why we offer post-operative care at our office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After your surgery, Dr. Kniffen will schedule follow-up visits to examine your healing eyes and monitor your improving vision. During these visits, she will assess any side effects and provide guidance on how you can ensure a successful recovery. 

    If you’re considering LASIK surgery, let us know during your eye exam and we will be glad to discuss the next steps with you. If we believe you are a good candidate, we will provide a referral for a LASIK consultation and work closely with you after surgery to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.