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Apr 1, 2024 | Eye Exams

5 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam

Are you experiencing blurry vision or frequent headaches? Do you find yourself squinting more often than usual? These could be signs that it’s time to schedule an eye exam. Your eyes are incredibly important, and regular check-ups can help maintain your eye health and overall well-being. In this blog post, we’ll share five common signs that it’s time to visit an eye doctor.  

1. Blurry vision 

If you notice that your vision is becoming increasingly blurry, it could be a sign of refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. These conditions can usually be corrected with prescription glasses or contact lenses. However, blurry vision can also be a symptom of more serious eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma, so it’s important to see an optometrist for a proper diagnosis. 

2. Frequent headaches 

Straining your eyes to see clearly can lead to frequent headaches. When your eyes aren’t functioning properly, your brain has to work harder to interpret the information it receives, which can result in headaches. If you find yourself reaching for pain medication more often than usual due to headaches, it may be time for an eye exam. 

3. Poor night vision 

Another common sign that it’s time for an eye exam is difficulty seeing at night or in low-light conditions. If you find it challenging to drive at night, have trouble reading in dimly lit rooms, or notice more glare from headlights while driving, it could be a sign of a more serious eye condition such as cataracts or glaucoma. An eye exam can help detect these issues early on and prevent further vision loss. 

4. Sudden vision changes 

If you notice sudden changes in your vision, such as double vision, floaters, flashes of light, or blind spots, it’s essential to schedule an eye exam right away. These symptoms could be a sign of a serious underlying condition like retinal detachment or macular degeneration. Early detection and treatment are key to preventing permanent vision loss. 

5. Eye strain 

Spending long hours in front of screens or reading small print can lead to eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain include dry eyes, redness, and discomfort. If you frequently experience these symptoms, it’s best to have your eyes checked by an optometrist who can recommend solutions such as computer glasses or changes in lighting. 

If you notice any of these signs, contact us to schedule an eye exam in Albuquerque. Our experienced optometrists will thoroughly evaluate your eyes and provide personalized recommendations for maintaining optimal eye health. Remember, regular check-ups are essential for preserving your vision and preventing potential complications down the road. Reach out to us today to book your appointment and keep your eyes healthy for years to come!